S1 – Motor


camera slider motorized harrope


  • The S1-Motor can be complemented with your S1-Slider . Create a motorized camera slider
  • Stepper motor, powerful and very precise
  • Very silent — perfectly suitable for recording audio in an interview
  • Capable of moving cameras of up to 15kg horizontally and up to 2kg vertically
  • Fast and very precise — ideal for suitable for video and timelapses
  • Can be installed in 5 minutes on the S1-Slider. Once installed, you can easily return to Manual Mode by removing two nuts by hand.



You will need:

  • S1-Slider
  • S1-Controller : allows you to manage two engines, suitable for video and timelapses


The kit includes:

  • Engine
  • 100cm belt
  • 50cm belt
  • Screws for initial installation
  • 1m-long RJ45 cable to connect the engine to the controller

slider S1-Motor kit


How to install:

Installation is very simple — it should only take about 5 minutes.

  1. You’ll need some scissors or small pliers and a screwdriver.
  2. Take bag number 1, which includes two bearings and a screw. Install them in a separator.
  3. Take bag number 2, which includes 4 screws, required to install the engine in the other separator.
  4. Take bag number 3, which includes 4 screws and some nuts which can be adjusted by hand. Install the two screws in the slider and install the nuts underneath.
  5. Take the belt that corresponds to the length of your slider. Install it by threading it through the two extremes, and join the ends together in the middle with the four cable ties, included.
  6. Tense the belt; to do this, tighten the tubes on one side and tense on the other side. Once it’s tense, tighten the separator and let go of the belt, which should be taught.

This might sound confusing, but in fact it’s simpler than it seems. See below a video of the installation:


Where can I find a longer belt?

The S1-Motor comes with two belts: one for 50cm tubes and another for 100cm tubes, included in the S1-Slider. If you need a longer belt because you want a slider longer than 2m, you can find one here or search for it online using the keywords “GT2 6mm belt”, with a length of 5m.

GT2 6mm belt