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Fluent movements, smooth results

The S2 slider is capable of recording videos with complete fluid movements. Fluency itself has been our constant obsession from the beginning, and the results are just like we had anticipated. Thanks to the double bearings per wheel we’ve achieved fluid movements. As smooth as butter!

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Carriage brake

The built-in break allows you to lock the slider carriage in the desired point. This comes in handy when you want to move the slider around without issues.


Tailormade from the finest materials

We have paid attention to every detail, maximizing the product’s quality for better results, without compromising on the finishing. Every part of the S2-Slider is tailormade, from aluminum (for lighter weight), with an added black anodized coating.


Light and easy to carry on trips


Learn how to use your S2-Controller


If anything sets us apart from the rest of sliders in the market, it’s our product’s ease of use. The controller has been programmed for completely intuitive use and easy handling. It’s an independent controller, so you won’t need to install an app, or use the phone Bluetooth or WiFi, and it runs perfectly with a startup time of less than one second.


▷Free Move mode

Turn the knob one or two levels and the slider will slowly reach the target speed. Turn it in the opposite direction and it will slowly decrease the speed.

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▷Video mode

Set the starting and finishing point, as well as the sliding time. As simple as that. The movement is precise, and you can repeat it as many times as you want with a loop option. This way you can take identical footage and easily achieve special effects by using After Effects.

If the loop mode is not selected, the slider will stop at the end of the movement and the controller will ask whether you want to repeat the sequence or you want to change the duration of the movement.

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▷TimeLapse mode

Operating the time-lapse mode is equally as simple as the other modes. Set a starting and finishing point. Each knob regulates the position of a motor. Next, indicate the number of pictures that you want to take and the time in between shots. The total recording time will appear automatically on the screen.

The slider is precise and achieves sharp results without trepidation, thanks to its shoot-move-stabilize-shoot system, which is especially useful for night and long-exposure time-lapses.

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Note that some camera models require you to shoot in Manual Focus. This should not be an issue, as you can focus in Auto Focus (AF), change to Manual Focus (MF) and shoot with the S2-Controller. You’ll need a shooter cable to work as an intervalometer.

How to calculate the minimum time between shots (t inter)? The time between shots results from adding up the following times. Remember that the total time is the required minimum but that you can always increase it if your time lapse needs it.

  •  Moving time: it’s the time that the motors take to move from one position to the next to take a new photo. This time is specifically 0.3s with our S2-Slider.
  •  Stabilization time: it can be configured from our controller. It is established at 0.7s by default, which is more than enough for your camera to get totally still and for the picture to be perfectly clear without trepidation.
  •  Exposure time: it’s the time that your camera needs to take a picture.
  •  Processing time: it’s the time that your camera takes to process each photo.  Processing time must be taken into account especially when dealing with long-exposure photography.

Example: if you are working on a night timelapse for which the exposure time is set at 20s and the camera takes 2s to process each photo, you need to choose a t inter of at least 0.3s+0.7s+22s+2s = 25s.


▷Turntable mode


▷Stop Motion mode

  1. Select the initial position by turning the knobs. Each knob regulates the position of a motor. Push each knob to confirm.
  2. Select the final position by turning the knobs.
  3. Select the number of pictures and push ‘go!’.
  4. Take as long as you need in between shots. Adjust the scene, push the button on the controller nd turn the knob to go to the next scene. Don¡t worry if you make a mistake. Go back and the slider will get to the previous position.


Backlight on/off

Especially useful for night and long-exposure timelapses.




Designed and assembled in Europe

At harrope, we are committed to offering the highest quality at the lowest cost. After more than four years of dedication in the design and manufacturing of sliders, and after three years of selling the S1 model, we have received and implemented a number of suggestions that have enabled us to upgrade our product into a new motorized slider with a panning motor: the S2. We have paid attention to every detail, maximizing the product’s quality for better results, without compromising on the finishing and on our commitment to maintaining the best prices.




Personalized after-sales service

Get immediate help:

Contact PersonWhatsApp
or mail us info@harrope.com


Easy to assemble and disassemble

Assembling your slider for the first time won’t even take you 5min. Everything will be ready in 6 easy steps.
If you wish to switch to manual mode, you just have to unscrew two nuts by hand to disassemble the belt.

More silent motors


Controller compatible with your DIY motorized slider

It is becoming more and more common for people to make their own motorized sliders, but it’s actually quite usual to find complications, mostly from the electronic side since strong programming skills are required to get proper results. Following our philosophy of providing means for the best results at the lowest cost, we have included adaptors with our product to make our controllers compatible not only with our sliders and motors but also with any other step-by-step motor or DIY slider.

This way you can get a DIY motorized slider, or a motorized crane for timelapse and video for example, and enjoy our controller’s full power.

Get more info about how to have your slider motorized with our controller.

Tilt Motor & Focus Motor

We are currently working on the design of both tilt and focus motors. Soon they’ll be available to purchase.


Technical data

  • Weight (40 inches (100cm) slider): 3.86 lb (1.75kg)
  • Weight (40 inches (100cm) motorized slider): 5 lb (2.25kg)
  • Weight (S2-PanMotor): 1.3 lb (0.6kg)
  • Size (motorized slider): 40 inch x 7.9 inch x 4.3 inch (100cm x 20cm x 11cm)
  • Length of traveling: 34.6 inches (88cm)
  • Supported weight:
    • Up to 11 lb (5kg) with 40 inches (100cm) aluminum rails. More than 30 lb (15kg) with steel rails.
    • Up to 66 lb (30kg) with 20 inches (50cm) aluminum rails.
  • Vertical lift maximum weight (90º): 4.4 lb (2kg)
  • Max speed: 34.6 inches (88cm) in 6 seconds (soft acceleration and deceleration)


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