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Everything you need:

S2-Slider includes:

  • Slider with two separators with anti-slip rubber feet
  • 100cm tubes
  • 50cm tubes
  • 2x Small screw (1/4”)
  • Adapter 1/4″ <-> 3/8″

S2-SliderMotor includes:

  • Engine
  • 100cm belt
  • 50cm belt
  • Screws for initial installation

S2-Controller includes:

  • Controller for two motors
  • Power source
  • 2x cable RJ45 2 meters
  • 2x adapter to make your own DIY motorized slider

S2-PanMotor includes:

  • Pan motor
  • Adapter 1/4″ <-> 3/8″


The S2-Controller comes with just one power source. if you need a battery, you’ll need to purchase one separately

Cable shooter

Attached you’ll find the shooter cable to connect your camera and the controller.




Battery USB for your camera


bateria ficticia para conectar a un power bank


20mm-diameter tubes and timing belt

Extend it by adding 20mm-diameter aluminum tubes, available in any hardware store.

Timing belt GT2 6mm


Steel tubes

If you need the slider to hold more than 5 kg, the steel tubes are the ideal option


Extension cable for trigger cable

Extension cable for trigger cable. You can find:  cable male jack 2.5mm – female jack 2.5mm